A few simple tips that can help make all the difference and ensure you get the most out of your workshop

Often workshops provide everything that you need for the day but some preparation is necessary to make this the best experience you can have. Ensure you know where you are going, how long it will take to get there and where you will park etc. Making a note of all the details of your workshop when booking, see our locations page.



Hydration is key to our existence and has a profound effect on our energy levels and concentration we will always ensure water is on-hand make sure you start your session with drinking a glass.

the physical body

Often we forget that our bodies don’t always play by the rules we set…we might be coming to have a great time, to relax …but we need to ensure our body is following through with these intentions we are setting. The body can hold old tensions or even anticipation of what is to come and this has an effect on us…so if nothing else , roll your shoulders back, loosen tension from your jaw and breath. sounds silly but a few deep breaths quietly to yourself will bring you into the moment.

Get in the moment- mindfulness

Crafting is mindful and also meditative but you need to be able to put these into practice, they don’t always just happen- it is up to you. You need to actively put yourself in the moment, so take a look around, soak up the passion of your tutor, notice the small things, use this opportunity to let go of anything else life is throwing at you outside of this moment.