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Learning and practising Mindfulness, not throwing the word around and just hoping that it works. We introduce you to the practice of being mindful, how to connect with the moment you’re in and through meditative and mindful crafts give you space to do this.


This word as a value for me is about the connection we not only have with our true selves- listening and trusting that voice within but while being creative we can put this into practice. The outcome isn’t important ( we aren’t making life changing decisions) so we can use the experience to trust our intuition, giving us creative freedom, while building our confidence and sense of self. Also there is a connection to our hands, the materials we use and the natural world where we draw our truest inspiration.


By channelling our well-being practices through the act of being creative we make use of our imagination, we free ourselves from boundaries and we are able to ‘flow’- a place where there is no time, no judgement and just you. The physical outcome is the result of you exploring your truest being.

Everything that we do is about finding enjoyment and that is really it…there is no real greater outcome.


Growth is really important because it means being open. Open to new experiences or different takes on practice/rituals/ ideas/ makes…


Community is key really, although I’m writing this online and your reading it my actual hope is that we meet. My core business aim is to create a community so we all enjoy a support system around us…whether just for a morning or whether lasting friendships are formed. Being around like-minded people is so important to our well-being.


We all need to be more passionate and not be afraid to say I love Pink, flowers, earl grey tea, soft bedding, wind in my hair…doesn’t matter what evokes a feeling of positivity just be passionate about it! and invite it in.
Passion and an interest in say, a craft, is not about the level of skill you have it is just how much joy and excitement you feel.


We all need to practice kindness, treating others as we would want to be treated. We all have a unique power, we all have inner wisdom to share…we are all on the same journey just at different levels.
’A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms’ and if ‘a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower’


We all have a deep inner knowledge to share