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I am a passionate creative, I love the small pleasures in life and finding beauty in the everyday




I feel so passionate that creativity could be the source of well-being for so many people. I am this person! If like me, you are someone that has a deep sensitivity to the beauty of things around you, then you are an aesthete. As an aesthete we want a life that emphasises passion expressed through our own personal style, a pursuit of leisurely creative pastimes, and cultivating of joy from small pleasures.

do you want to invite more creativity in your life?

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BEING IN THE MOMENT - rituals for wellbeing

Learning to be in the moment by practising mindfulness helps to make crednkjfhkdshfghfdhg . This may be something you regularly practice or it might be something (like me!) that you need to invite in more often, we need to explore more techniques and develop this intention.
By paying attention to the world around us, by inviting the beauty of small things into our lifestyle, by slowing down and being around others that share our passions, we become more mindful and therefore more open to joy. This is so very true for me …and I expect for alot of you.
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would you INVEST IN SOME QUALITY ‘YOU TIME’ to learn more and share ?

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Confidence and a lack of self worth are often the cause of us feeling we cant be creative, they form blocks and barriers to us being able to lose our-selves in crafting this lifestyle. Firstly we must be in the moment, seeing only ‘Now’ as important and forgetting the past and not thinking of our future; the outcome of an activity. Secondly we must learn to be ourselves - ‘nothing that you really like is ever out of style’ This was the first quote I used when I opened my shop in 2013 and it stayed the whole time, be it in the loo but it was always there to remind me. Trust your taste, love what YOU love and find confidence that you do have style- your style! We are therefore learning to follow our deeper wisdom and intuition. We were all born inherently creative, we all had ideas, saw things differently we all expressed our true self without fear.
Fear of talent when it come to creative acts is something that makes me really angry. You don’t need to talented (and who says you aren’t) to enjoy the process of making something. In fact when we talk about creativity for well-being we aren’t really thinking about us all making beautiful things as such…it is more from the act itself that we derive our pleasure, the taking time, slowing down, the ‘working with our hands’, the act of creating, rather than the creation is key.
Fear of judgement also is a barrier that stops us from pursuing a craft or creative activity we might like to try, but why? we are the only ones judging ourselves and where is that getting us? once free from our own judgement we can just enjoy and see what comes. I am a creative, i don’t have any specialist skills, as such but I have total belief in myself when I am being creative and this is what I want to help you to feel more of. Creativity is for everyone!
I hope you can join me on the journey I am on to put into practice all that i am learning and know to be true and come join me to experience for yourselves.


DEFINE CREATIVITY, because i am not creative?

Creativity; the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.
Creativity doesn’t mean drawing…it is about crafting a life out of YOUR imagination, a life that brings you happiness. Taking everyday tasks and transforming them into beautiful rituals that nourish you. It is about what you wear, the home you create and the rituals you invite in. Start inviting in more creativity to your life. 19 is a lifestyle brand where we can explore together, I want it to be a shared experience.
So what next? Lets Journal, dance to music freely, decorate everything just for the delight! - set up a table for dinner, use a tea pot and cup & saucer for an afternoon tea break, stop and take in the beauty around you- go for a walk and watch the seasons change. Collect, read, write, draw!
And of-course join me on this journey, together at one of my gatherings, attend a workshop or meet up or just follow my progress on social media and the journal here on the website. We will discover the power of all i have mentioned above and get to be part of the magic of community.