Victoria: An at home Retreat with State of Liberty


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This retreat is an at home retreat meaning that I have scheduled time off from everything else to do this retreat at home and on my own. The retreat includes online resources that you use throughout the day following a schedule so you don’t have to plan and think, its all been worked out for you. I was also posted a pamper kit and recipe cards for all the lovely food. This is a seasonal product so I am doing the Summer retreat and all the components are designed for this season. This is with special thanks to Lizzie- State of Liberty.

My word for the retreat, was ENCOURAGEMENT. I have joined the retreat as I want to take time for me …to ‘encourage’ me to prioritise the things that I need for the life I desire. I also want to explore and experience more of this for myself- being on the receiving end rather than giving.
My Intention: I am looking to come away with energy, an increased interest and the vision for how I can work these practices and rituals into my daily life. The retreat itself is encouraging because you are following a plan, there is support and you have everything you need - so no excuses! I have also made the decision to share this experience so it, in-turn can hopefully give ‘encouragement’ to others in some way to celebrate self-care and taking time for yourself.
The words from the morning mediation that have stuck with me are:
‘Be here in the stillness of your own beautiful presence’
Why is resting not always thought of as this? it should be! We all need rest, our weekends are meant for it and its ok to do nothing sometimes, because we aren’t doing nothing- we are resting and being.

The first journal writing exercise asks me about my Values…have you done this recently? My words for summarising my values were Mindfulness, Connection, Creativity and Enjoyment ( enjoyment- meaning a focusing on me finding more joy!) although there are other words that really resonate with me that I want to share: Growth- because there is always room to grow through grounding and/or flourishing. Community- because togetherness is really important to me and community feels like support. Wisdom- because we all have wisdom to share, a very strong belief of mine!. Passion- because this is too often shut down by others. Passion is not about love or sex and being passionate about something has nothing to do with talent or skill. We all need to be more passionate. Kindness - because this is the first thing we should show all people we meet and is so often forgotten.

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The Food: The retreat included recipe cards for the whole weekend. I have recently been experimenting a bit with my food intake and, not forcefully but intentionally aiming to cut carbs. For a few reasons: 1. I am fuelled by new knowledge (anyone else watched the Paleo way?) 2. I am continuously conscious of my pot belly- I know I am a healthy size 10 and have nothing to worry about but it is still a feeling and thought that I give too much time too 3. Friends and family are also exploring Keto diets and I have been witnessing some of the affects. …so, I have never dieted and never intent to but looking at what we put into our bodies is so important to our health. I am even more encouraged by the retreat to continue to explore this and I love the new recipes I now have. At some point soon I will also share my own carb-free bread recipe with you- there is a plan!

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Pamper Kit: The retreat package comes with a beautifully boxed kit with organic ingredients to make a face mask, body scrub, bath mix and a massage oil. I needed to bathe in the morning so I treated myself to the face mask and bath mix and then in the evening I used the scrub and massage oil to wind down and pamper before the bedtime yoga and mediation sessions. I love that time is created by the kit itself as you put together the ingredients to make each part of pamper session…so you can mindfully mix your clay face in a pretty bowl while running your bath and breathing in the essential oils.

The second morning yoga was more energetic and the meditation focused on the connection we have with our presence. The mediation talked through presence: ‘our constant awareness that is always there and always has been…your inner knowledge & knowing…your guide…but so often it gets drowned out by noise (of our mind- thoughts)’ I really love that Lizzy said “breathing and stillness are the gateway to your natural presence- simply, naturally, YOU” how lovely is that! I really try to connect to my intuition, trusting decisions I make and not over-thinking, going with your first instinctive choice because there will be a reason and inner knowing that draw you to it. Practice this with all small choices you have to make whether it is choosing supper from a menu, buying an item for your home.. I try to convey this message at my own events as I believe that through creativity we can make this connection- when we are able to experience ‘being in flow’ we don’t question our choices of colour, material, composition and the outcome is always better for it and the experience is so much more personal.

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The second journal writing exercise asked us to write about Gratitude, this practice helps us to put our challenges into perspective, it also helps us to feel happy as we focus on the positive aspects of our lives. I am going to share mine here: I am Grateful for My loving husband, Our beautiful home, My family and wonderful friends (new and old!), I am also grateful that I have creativity, passion, opportunities to explore, inner knowledge and an appetite to learn- i have lots of interests. I have good health and I feel secure and supported. Wow writing this makes life sound amazing and this is the point of the task, yes we all have problems, worries, insecurities but we also have all this positiveness too. Finally I am going to say once more how well timed this retreat was for me and how many dots it has allowed me to join up with where I am at this moment. Thanks again to Lizzy and if you fancy an at home retreat, check out State of Liberty.

I have two gatherings up on the website one on 7th September called ‘Keep growing’ and one on the 26th October called ‘stay connected’ I hope that you might be able to join and find some creativity for your own well being. View and Book HERE