5 Years of 19 at Alexandra Road

We decided after a short break at Christmas that we wanted to move on from the shop at Alexandra Road. This was not an easy decision for many reasons. but one that felt right, putting ourselves first and creating time and space to explore some other ideas, working towards a life with more balance and with more focus on our growing families.

Although for the time being the interiors side of the business is on pause (some discussions are taking place in the background) we are looking back on our time at Alexandra Road with fond memories of what we created.
In the near future we will re-launch our online shop but for now we are taking a little break…. and will leave it like this:

shop view.jpg
glazed top dresser.jpg
pigeon holes-min.jpg
drawers country grey.jpg
country grey large chest1.jpg
green locker.jpg
original chest of drawers.jpg
glass dresser.jpg

Our bricks and mortar shop is now closed but it ‘s not the end of Nineteen
If you loved our Artisan look then please get in contact with us for interior projects: styling, sourcing or furniture painting.
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